Mission Statement 

Noremac Newell Trading wants to provide the best quality training and mentorship for new and experienced traders and to create an everlasting inspiration for those who wish to better their lives and have financial freedom.

Company Description 

Noremac Newell Trading LLC is an educational service through the stock market, founded April 2018. Noremac Newell Trading is a company that is entirely online, but it was founded in Seattle, Washington. Cameron Newell is the CEO and founder of Noremac Newell Trading. Newell has successfully turned $1,000 into $670,000 in 7 months. He is a great trader and is willing to share his trading techniques with his members. Many traders struggle when they first start trading and so having access to an educational service is a game changer. Understanding the stock market does not happen overnight, therefore the more help and resources one has the more likely they are to succeed. Fun fact about where the name, 'Noremac' came from, it is 'Cameron' backwards. One of our talented friends gave us the idea and so we decided to name the company Noremac Newell Trading.


Noremac Newell Trading wants to educate as many traders as possible. The chat room offers a variety of educational platforms for trading. Including, a scanner that indicates when a stock is ascending or descending.  In addition, all members will be able to watch what trades Cameron enters and exits, which other rooms do not have access to. He is one of the best mentors to have because he knows what it feels like to lose money, but now he has learned how to be profitable. In addition, educational videos are provided to members. Educational classes will be available for members soon. Also, a video series will be coming out in a couple of months to go over the strategies that Cameron used during his account challenge to turn $1,000 into $670,000 in 7 months.

Noremac Newell Trading is operated through a chat room, called Discord. Most of the communications and education with members is done through this site. On this site, there are a variety of organized chats including a questions room, terminology, room rules, elite trading floor, trading floor, elite swing trades, swing trades, momentum watchlist, scanner and many more individual chat rooms. Noremac Newell Trading wants to cater to as many traders as possible. We offer a variety of groups so that people can learn and understand their niche. Noremac Newell Trading is an all online business and so there is no brick and mortar.