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CamTheMan has successfully demonstrated his trading abilities by turning $1,000 into $1,000,000 in 10 months. Comprehensive mentorship and support for trading in today’s market is a click away. 

  • Cam is the most genuine person I’ve seen out here, I’ve been in and out of 20+ trading groups in the past 2 years and I’ve never seen someone so selfless and dedicated to helping others while expecting nothing in return! Looking forward to continue to grow and learn each and every day with y’all!
    — Neil Shahani
  • I have learned so much from you and this channel since I have started following you since April of last year! Keep doing what you are doing, I really hope you keep on doing this for a long time. You are the best!
    — Patrick Ruane
  • So I have been on here since approximately the time of Cam's famous STMP loss. I thought wow here is a guy open about his losses and not just selling something. I have had some ups and downs, but learned some amazing things. Namely trade your trade, do your DD, and study. I love the open sharing of ideas and analysis. I have been finding my niche and succeeding in bringing home some extra funds for my family. They are enjoying learning too (and mocking my mistakes). Thanks everyone! I know my growth is in large part due to this chat.
    — Joel Armstrong
  • Thanks to CamTheMan, I made 13% today on $VVUS and continue to learn every single day by listening to him go live and his text and continue to study like he preaches. You the man Cam!
    — Clifford Kraesig
  • Hey Cam I just wanted to say thank you so much, I lost 70% of my initial portfolio before joining this chat. (Shoulda started with paper trading) and after my CCCL and RBZ trades I finally broke even, back to $5,000 and I have a big future ahead of me now. It all started with PTIE back in October... just gotta tell everyone not to give up, set goals, mine was 2% a day or 10% a week until I finally got back to where I am now. Couldn’t have done it without you or this team!! Truly an inspiration!!
    — Brendan Gibbons
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  • That parabolic scanner is nice! I got in PULM at 1.73 and out at 2.00. It caught the news and I was able to get in before the pump! Thank you so much!
    — Douglas Bryon
  • I saw BIOC hit your wash out long scannner yesterday and the gap up scanner this morning. I decided to buy in premarket this morning because of these two scans. Made over 30 percent in 35 minutes of trading. I bought your all-in-one scanner a couple of months ago. It paid for itself the first month! Thank you for all the great trade ideas Cam and to all that contribute to this Discord channel.
    — Alan Biggs
  • I saw SLBD on the scanner and bought in at 6, sold at 1/3 at 7.40 and rest at 7.90. I learned all of this from Cam!
    — Rick Scher
  • Cam's parabolic volume scanner works well for catching news early.
    — Anonymous